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A woman looking for an apartment in Rome walks into the wrong apartment and trapped in a bathroom witnesses a rape and murder as she gets the attention of a neighbor across the alley …
This exciting documentary film examines the five most credible JFK assassination theories surrounding the murder of President John F. Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas, November 1963. The examination of the evidence allows viewers to make up their own …
The incredible story of how North Carolina, a Southern state with a stark history of Jim Crow government and leading the 60s civil rights movement, became a key battleground state for the Obama campaign to win during the 2008 presidential …
ThunderBall Films and its CEO Mario Domina served as Producers, with Mr. Domina serving as Executive Producer. Joe Caldwell also was an Executive Producer. This incredible documentary tells the story of Joe Caldwell's rise and fall from pro basketball, …
This improvised real film drama is a ride no one will forget. A group of sixteen talented actors from all walks of life, trapped in a NYC subway car, without communication, hope, nor any means of escape as they face …
New evidence in this long unsolved crime of the Zodiac killer in San Francisco, as told through crime scene location filming and interviews with key elements and previous unseen documentation …
A man is trapped in a place between worlds, where his actions are meaningless. …
This exciting science fiction animation, action-adventure story is based on one man's journey of personal redemption. The year is 2032. Remarkable advances in science have conquered all diseases. Everything is good in the world, but a perfectly preserved human body …
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