This series is based on extensive research, a strong factual background, the exclusive option of a series of award-winning novels from our In-House Writer/Co- Producer, Brian L. Porter, along with several exclusive factual books from our BBC researcher/Associate Producer, Mike Covell that are interlaced within the series to be used as a cross-promotion for these books adapted outside the series as Movies-for-TV. 

Further, we have LOI’S and interest from well-known UK/International cast attached with JOHN NETTLES hosting.

We also have a Marketing agreement between The Whitechapel Society and ThunderBall in what I believe can create an interesting twist on the very interesting story of the world’s most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. There are thousands of theories, forums, tours and daily global talks about this character of whom he might have been or even how many victims he may have killed.


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