What can be more perfect than spending a summer at the Jersey Shore with the most beautiful girl in the world. Too bad the most beautiful girl in the world thinks Kenny Gerber is a slug. She also has a boyfriend. A big boyfriend. In the Marines. If that’s not enough, Kenny works for a mean-spirited bastard who’s buxom, but obnoxious, daughter has the hots for him. And let’s not even talk about Margie. Yet.

This romantic, coming-of-age comedy is set against the backdrop of an Atlantic City in the throes of its last hurrah in 1964. LBJ, the Beatles and a dying town. And a brawl on the Boardwalk. Life doesn’t get much better, huh? Kenny blows off Miss Buxom and loses his job in the process. Against the odds, he finds other work, and chips away at the veneer surrounding beauty girl. But in the end, true love and happiness inches onto his romantic radar screen in the guise of Margie, a luncheonette owner’s sweet daughter. Love wins out over unbridled passion.


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