This story is a lighthearted comedy and perils, of a couple of petty thieves, Bonita and Clyde and a novice priest, Father Julius.

Father Julius is assigned his first important task, a wedding ceremony, by Father Augustus, his mentor. The wedding ceremony will be for Clyne, and his Fiancée Bonita, who have decided to say their vows in a hot air balloon.

Father Julius and Clyne’s relationship goes back to their early years, spent together in the same orphanage. Clyne, a bully, has never liked Julius and mocks him, at every opportunity.

Bonita, reluctant, agrees to Clyne’s crazy idea of a balloon wedding, if she gets to pick the resort of her choice, for their honeymoon. The balloons wedding quickly turns sour, as winds sends them off course, causing them to crash at sea.

Father Julius, Clyne and Bonita’s bodies, tumble upon the shores of a small island; also, the home, of a luxurious resort called “Paradise Resort”. Its occupants, consisting of only staff, rescue the waterlogged bodies, laying on its beach.

Now morning, Clyne and Bonita awaken in a honeymoon suite but, Bonita, none the wiser, is adamant that the room resembles “nothing” like the one she had picked…very trivial, once they realize they are in purgatory, and Julius is now in charge.

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