Owen Bethel


Owen Bethel brings extensive experience in the financial and investment sectors, having studied law and finance in both Canada (Carleton University, Ottawa – Bachelor of Arts in Law and Political Science) and England (University College London, University of London – Master of Laws).

His career covers experience at Credit Suisse (Vice President), International Monetary Fund (Assistant to Executive Director), World Bank (Assistant to Executive Director), Bahamas Financial Services Secretariat (Executive Director), Bahamas Investment Authority (Executive Director), The Montaque Group (President & Managing Director), and Inti Corporation Ltd. (President & CEO).

He was instrumental in advising and assisting major film production studios structure their operations and access tax incentives in the country, including such productions as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Into the Blue,” “Casino Royale,” and “Why Did I Get Married Too.”

He has also served on the Board of Directors of several private and public companies and government agencies. He presently serves as Commander of the Order of St. John Knights Hospitaller (Malta) West Indies Commandery.


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