Joe Caldwell’s story is fascinating on many levels; he had an excellent college career being named as All-American, held the ASU most wins record 26-3, invited to play on the 1964 Olympic team that won the gold medal, an accomplishment he treasures above all his basketball accomplishments. During his eleven-year pro career, Pogo Joe was a star in both the NBA/ABA, an All-Star several times; and signed the most expensive pension clause in history, which ultimately caused his downfall.
Forty-Four years later, Pogo Joe continues his fight for justice and is still engaged in various legal battles with the ABA and the NBA, IRS, and illegal forced Bankruptcy courts, his Pension/Insurance issues to this day. Pogo Joe has won some battles and landmark decisions–unlike many players who jumped leagues, he did not have to sit out a season–and lost other major battles, which have affected every aspect of his professional and personal life. Joe Caldwell’s entire story is written in his autobiography, entitled “Banned from Basketball: The strange trip of Pogo Joe.” It was documented in 2012 by the ThunderBall Films/CashWorks HD Productions short film entitled “Pogo Joe: Fighting the Game,” which Is now being developed for a feature length version.


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