Suffering from hunger, boredom and frustrated riding on an old bus, they land in Small Town, USA. These two animated chickens, Harley and Winslow are oversize, disorganized and limited in education or common sense. Out of money and running low on junk food, they manage to get work in this hick town as inept private investigators. The only thing they do learn is that the town HATES CHICKENS. On their first case, they go to work for a sultry, mysterious socialite named Camille whose millionaire husband, frozen food magnate Melvin Birdsbeek has suspiciously gone missing. While staying in the Birdsbeek mansion as Camille’s guests, the two chickens soon pick up the scent and the search for Melvin is on. Soon, the suspects start to stack up beginning with the creepy, old butler Jenkins. Harley and Winslow try to be friendly, but Jenkins takes an immediate dislike to them.

Next, our two disorganized chickens tackle suspect number two, Timmy the cook, a bizarre Jamaican who only wants to make chicken gumbo with Harley and Winslow as the main ingredient. After Timmy captures them and ties them up, Harley and Winslow struggle to escape. They manage to free themselves and beat a hasty retreat only to run into Camille. Relief turns to fear when Camille locks them in a freezer, thus becoming suspect number three. After they get out of the freezer, strange turns to weird when they stumble upon the elusive Melvin Birdsbeek himself. Melvin points a gun at the chickens and threatens to kill them as he reveals that he faked his own disappearance to collect insurance money. The plan was to kill Jenkins, Timmy and Camille then use the insurance money to avoid the loss of his frozen food empire thus going belly up. But Harley and Winslow’s luck hasn’t run out just yet. Camille appears out of nowhere and confronts Melvin and his diabolical plan. The three of them tie up Melvin and turn him over to the authorities. All ends well as the two chickens now look to their next adventure as ride off into the sunset to see what else they can screw up. PULP CHICKEN was a runner-up in the 2001 Scriptapalooza screenwriting contest, finishing in the top 10 out of over 4000 scripts submitted. Script available.


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