An exorcist with a problematic past investigates a mass demonic possession in a New Jersey town and uncovers CIA involvement with extraterrestrials and parallel worlds entitled “Project Manatee.”


RED LAKE is a projected ten-part series that has the potential for additional seasons. A major theme that will run through the series is Isaac Asimov’s notion that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Only, in the universe of RED LAKE, you could substitute ‘magic’ with ‘demonic possession’ and ‘miracles.’ It is also important to note that the US Government/CIA has been working in tandem with two distinct alien races from parallel dimensions.

Shared technology has allowed agents to travel between dimensions, and a byproduct of said technology are rents in our universe and others that allow for negative energies to seep through.

The negative energies produce a peculiar effect on those exposed to them, and in 1960 America everyone is still operating under the assumption that the affected are indeed possessed.

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