Robert Nigrenji was born and lives in Serbia.

He studied advanced Electronics, Graphic Design and Video Editing at Belgrade.

Upon graduating, Robert began working as Network Administrator in Belgrade at PC Networks for 4 Years, then moved into Software Support for 3 years working for the DEN Company.

Since leaving DEN, Robert, due to his excellent work ethic and reputation was called upon by the German Agency, Himmelsstermer to provide services on numerous Freelance projects.

During this Freelance period, Robert began expanding his skills and education by working as a Graphic Designer and Video Editor, which lead to a 5-year engagement with Mugbusiness, Ltd., where he is still providing these services.

During the past few years, Robert has skillfully worked with ThunderBall Films to redesign its’ website, create new posters, video trailers and various Technical Administrative duties to help shape the look of the Company bringing it current into the 21st Century.