The 9th Messiah





When he’s called in to consult on a multiple homicide, a retired detective uncovers a deadly endgame between a homeless teen and the Vatican when assassins attempt to wipe out all evidence of the teen’s existence.




In Philadelphia, a retired homicide detective with a troubled past gets called back to the police department to do consulting work and mentor a recently promoted detective. Together they  investigate the deaths of three priests and discover that a homeless teenager is a messiah whose existence is foretold in a 6,000-year-old prophecy. The Vatican has long suppressed the ancient prophecy, and fears the ruination of the Church if a new messiah’s identity is ever made known.

A secret society working in tandem with the Vatican sends a hit squad to the city of brotherly love to eradicate all evidence of the teen’s existence, just as they did the previous eight messiahs that have come since the time of Christ. Pursuing their investigation surrounding the priests’ deaths, retired detective Frank Venditti and homicide detective Angela Carbone, foil the assassination squad’s plans when they step into the squad’s shadowy world of mystery and clandestine operations by accident.

Frank and Angela witness a miracle performed by Michael Zindell, the homeless teen, and they are both transformed into true believers who will stop at nothing to protect Michael from the men who want him dead.

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